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Confira já: Vestido Estampado | Bermuda Jeans Feminina

Posted: 03 Dec 2016 02:24 PM PST

E tem mais: Blusa Decote V com Renda | Vestido Étnico com Cinto
Vestido Estampado

Bermuda Jeans Feminina

Blusa Decote V com Renda

Vestido Étnico com Cinto

Jaqueta Matelassê

Blusa Mullet com Renda

Calça Skinny Degradê

Macacão Floral

Jaqueta Pu

Vestido Decote V Floral com Cinto

Blusa Decote V

Blusa Bordada


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Books Direct Blog

Posted: 03 Dec 2016 04:11 AM PST

Books Direct Blog

GenreCRAVE Mega Giveaway

Posted: 03 Dec 2016 12:00 AM PST

GenreCRAVE Mega Giveaway

Welcome to the GenreCRAVE Mega Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopian Reader Appreciation Giveaway! This book blitz is brought to you by Xpresso Book Tours.

We're so glad you stopped by! In this giveaway, EVERYONE who enters will win TWENTY FREE – EXCLUSIVE – ebooks by the sponsoring authors (to be delivered at the conclusion of the giveaway), and one GRAND PRIZE winner will also receive a $1000 Amazon Gift Card! The Winner will be announced 1 February at the Facebook event. The winner will also receive an email directly.
There will also be other prizes and giveaways happening at that event between now and the Grand Prize announcement! So make sure you mark yourself as attending so you don't miss those great opportunities to win more prizes and snag more freebies!
You can view all twenty books from the sponsors here and read an excerpt from one of the featured books below.

Excerpt from Lost Wolf by Stacy Claflin
Beads of sweat broke out along my hairline. I wiped them away, tightened my ponytail, and ran faster along the dirt trail, jumping over exposed roots and ducking under low-hanging branches. Pine trees, firs, and alders turned my path into more of an obstacle course than a trail.
A twig snapped behind me.
I glanced back, but didn't see anything. Probably just a raccoon.
My sneaker hit a root and my arms flew in front of me. I landed on my hands and knees, and slid down an incline. Rocks and branches dug into my skin until I crashed into a huckleberry bush.
I stood and dusted myself off. Blood dripped from my legs. I pulled twigs, dirt, and small rocks from the cuts.
"Nice work, Victoria," I muttered to myself.
Sasha had said I shouldn't have gone into the forest for my first jog. But having just moved to the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, I wasn't about to join a club when I had the great outdoors. Birds chirped all around and a stream bubbled nearby. It was like the woods were telling me I'd made the right choice.
Another snap.
"Who's there?" I sounded a lot braver than I felt. My heart thundered against my ribcage and I whipped my head around. My roommates had said the woods were safe, but I was also trusting people who had been strangers only a couple days earlier.
Why had I gone into the woods alone? Wasn't that how half of all horror movies started?
I thought of Sasha running on a treadmill, flirting with cute college guys. Maybe she was the smart one.
"Hello?" I called.
Nothing. The birds had even stopped singing.
"Is anyone there?"
The footsteps came closer.
My pulse drummed in my ears. I fought to breathe normally.
A small gray and black wolf stepped out from behind the tree. He made eye contact with me.
I didn't move a muscle, holding its gaze.
[Want more? Click below to read a longer excerpt.]

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Concursos Literarios - 18.02.2017 - IX Concurso de Poesias da Academia Vicentina de Letras

Posted: 03 Dec 2016 02:26 AM PST

Concursos Literarios - 18.02.2017 - IX Concurso de Poesias da Academia Vicentina de Letras

Link to Concursos Literários

18.02.2017 - IX Concurso de Poesias da Academia Vicentina de Letras

Posted: 02 Dec 2016 04:00 AM PST

a) Aberto a todos os interessados
b) Poemas com o tema "Paz"
c) Categorias: Juvenil e Adulto

Prazo: 18 de fevereiro de 2017

Academia Vicentina de Letras Artes e Ofícios,

Contato - Mais informações e Dúvidas:


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