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Como escrever e otimizar conteúdo para SEO?

Posted: 16 Jun 2017 12:27 PM PDT

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Olá, tudo bem?

Você sabe otimizar corretamente seus conteúdos para SEO? Tirar partido de um bom SEO pode fazer uma diferença absurda no volume de tráfego orgânico do seu site!

Hoje eu publiquei um novo artigo sobre Como Escrever e Otimizar Conteúdo para SEO lá no meu blog, que é na verdade um guia passo a passo para você começar a otimizar seus conteúdos imediatamente e melhorar seu tráfego orgânico.

Leia o artigo e deixe a sua opinião e/ou suas dúvidas lá nos comentários. Será um prazer responder a você! :-)

Um Abraço,
Paulo Faustino
Paulo Faustino

Leia também o meu artigo sobre Inbound Marketing, que tem algumas sacadas muito interessantes! ;)
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This biotech stock is guaranteed to jump 10x next week

Posted: 16 Jun 2017 07:49 AM PDT

This is going to sound crazy, but you remember last year when I told you to buy the mobile apps company before Sony acquired it and you quadrupled your money in just a few days?

I've got another one of those situations, and the information is just as reliable as last time...

It's from my same friend who works at Goldman up in new york.

This time around though it's a biotechnology company that finally completed human trials on an amazing life saving cancer medicine.

The results are not out yet but this guy told me that a large pharma is already aware of the success of the medicine and they are going to buy them out at a buck a share next week.

The current price of Q S M G (this is the symbol you need to enter in your account to buy)

is just around 10 cents so if you get in quickly you can make a really fast 10x in just a few days.

Thank me later.

You can make more than ten times your principle with just this 1 stock

Posted: 16 Jun 2017 01:50 AM PDT

It's been at least a few months since the last time I had the chance to share something amazing with you but if you recall you really made a mint on that last company.

Earlier today I got lucky because as I was having a bite with one of my good friends who works at a top banking firm, he let me in on a little "secret".

Basically they're working on closing a deal for a forbes 100 pharmaceutical company to purchase the entirety of a small drug maker that's just completed a cure for prostate tumors.

The company that's being acquired is trading at just a few pennies right now but the big pharma is paying around a buck a share for it.

This means if you grab shares today you'll be able to make at least ten times what you put in.

The symbol which you need to give your broker or put into your brokerage is the first letter of each of these words:


Together they make up the 4 letter symbol which you need. Act quickly before other people get wind of this.

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